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babaengkalog ♥
baliw daw ako mi sanib, papansin, masungit, matampuhin,
pero kerii lang HAHA :D
friendly naman po ako :)

don’t surrender if you love a person. just remember that trials is better than to say it’s over.

the person who makes you the happiest person is the same person who can hurt you the most.

penge ng friends dito :(

even if i met more than a hundred person a day.

i’d still be faithful to the one whom i fall inlove a million times everyday :)

there are times that i don’t wanna wake up, cause i could see u embracing me, how happy we were with each other even it’s just a dream.

GoodMorning tumblr :) :* <3

penge kausap oh  :)

yun yung hindi mo alam kung bakit mo sya nagustuhan, pero minahal mo sya sa hindi mo maipaliwanag na dahilan <3

babaenagirl said: Hi babaengkalog! mwa sista :*

hello babanagirl :)

Binobola ka lang nyan! kinilig ka naman masyado!


Find out who you are, and it’s make your self perfect <3

Once upon a time,something happened to me. it’s the sweetest thing ever could be. a fantasy, a dream come true. IT WAS THE DAY I MEET YOU.